After the GameStop frenzy this week, I’ve never been more bullish on Dogecoin. In fact, I believe Dogecoin could reach one dollar per coin. Powered by meme virality, unique branding, and its eventual utility as a currency, Dogecoin is a perfect storm that is poised to soar. Let me explain.

Memes are ideas, they are decentralized inside-jokes. Their hive mind virality spreads like wildfire in the cultural zeitgeist. Like a virus, memes mutate and adapt, blending with other memes to appropriate trends. Their parabolic growth is expedited due to the inter-connectedness of our social media world.

Like the GameStop phenomenon…

It's All Risky

Writing about Dogecoin, finance, and internet culture. Just so you know, I’m not a financial advisor and what I share isn’t financial advice. Thanks for reading

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